Why R.I.O.T?


Resist. Inspire. Overcome. Transcend.


The time has come to fight! Its time to fight for your life. Time to stop just being ordinary and living a normal life. The time has come to make a change. Change for the better. Change into who you were made to be. If you dont know who you are. Thats ohk too. Maybe its time to fight for that.


This world is filled with unique people with unique ideas, talents, goals and attributes. Even you. But most of us chose to be the same. To look the same. Follow other people. Doing what they do. It doesnt matter if the voice inside you is saying that this is not you. You still want to be like them. Fitting into a mold of what society has told you to be. I look around on the streets and every person i walk past looks just like the next. Same clothes. Same goals. Same life.


Why would you deny your God given right to be unique. If the were only apple trees on this earth you would surely die. There a reason why there are different types of trees that produce different fruits. Theres a reason you are different to the next person. We all have something to bring to the table.


Why would you spend 90% of your day just wishing you were someone else. There is a reason you were put on this earth with the gifts and talents you have. There is an uniqueness about you that sets you apart and you need to embrace that. 


There are no fruit salads with just apples. No computer with just power cables. No watch with just minute hands. 


So go out and find your purpose. Then chose to live it to fullest. RIOT against what you think you should be and find out who you really are.



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